Errand Elf recognizes that we all seem to fall short on a single commodity - time. Our goal is to give you back your time to do the things that are important to you.


Meet Your Personal Concierge

After my daughter had her third child, I decided to gift her with one day each week to help in whatever way I could. That consisted of things such as doing laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, picking up toys, organizing closets with her, interior painting… you get the picture. And while I was busy returning an item in a long line for her, she was prepping dinner for the week; while I was waiting for a service repairman at her home, she was going on a field trip with her daughter. I was able to witness firsthand what a few hours of help can mean to an extremely busy mom. It doubled her efforts and allowed her to prioritize her precious time. On top of that, it was incredibly rewarding for me. Not just because I got to love on my grandkids and help my daughter, but because there’s an unmatched satisfaction that comes from simply being helpful. Thus, an idea was born.

I find my joy in serving others and have spent my life doing it. It only seemed natural that I take that motivation and turn it into a business. All around me I see the needs of busy professionals, overstretched parents, and those unable to fit one more thing into an already overfilled schedule. And, hey, I’ve been there! I’ve juggled a household, kids, pets, a career - and I understand how crossing a few things off a list can make a world of difference. That’s how Errand Elf came into existence!

I’m here to run your errands, get your groceries, provide home wait & vacation watch services, help you with home organization, assist with travel plans & reservations, take your vehicle for maintenance & repair, schedule doctor’s appointments, prepare your second home for you or guests, mail your packages, or make returns. I can multiply your time! If you don’t see a specific service mentioned, just ask. If it’s reasonable, ethical, and legal I can look after the details.

So it’s time to ask yourself, what items can I cross off your list today?